January 23, 2014

A New Year, A New Menu

Happy New Year everyone!!  I hope you all had wonderful holidays.  I know I did!  I was able to take a quick 3 days off.  First vacation I have had since last year!  The funny thing is even though I was on vacation, I still was craving to be in the kitchen!  Don't get me wrong, I LOVED my time away with my family, but I found myself still creating new recipes and looking forward to putting together a new menu!

Over the years, I have done weekly new flavors so I have so many different cupcakes that I truly love.  It was really hard to pick the flavors I wanted to incorporate into the new menu design for Goodie Girls.  I sifted through almost a hundred recipes I had created to choose a select few to feature as weekly flavors in our stores.  But this doesn't mean you won't see any POP UPS along the way!  I can't help myself when it comes to experimenting!
When I opened the 2nd store in La CaƱada Flintridge (LCF), I always wanted to change up the flavors on a daily basis.  However, I knew it would take a few months for us to get up and running and used to our new kitchen before we could.  Now, our girls are more than accustomed to the new kitchen we are even kicking out new items daily!  

My thought was to keep the classics as our everyday flavors.  I mean, who doesn't want our scrumptious Luv-a-Lot everyday?  Or our light yet indulgent Black & White?  So after that, I decided it was time to make the hard decisions...what is to stay permanently.  It was so hard to make Glitter Glide and Teddy on the rotating menu as those are such popular flavors (and my favs!), but in reality I really wanted to start expanding on our line of baked goods.  As most of you know, I am a chef at heart.  I cook everyday for my husband lunch and dinner so I have a hard time limiting myself to just cupcakes.  With that said, I decided to limit the flavors inside the store so we could really expand upon more delicious items such as Macarons, Bars, Cookies, Vegan & Gluten Free options and I even have created our very own Paleo Gluten Free Protein Bars!!  

Heres a look at the new menu:

I truly hope you all enjoy the changes in the rotating menu and I encourage you all to please stop in and try some of our new items!!  As always, I am open to suggestions and love feedback to make sure we give our fans the best possible product that we can!!!   What do you think?

Xoxo....Chef Annette