July 19, 2012

Hello! My name is Chef Annette Starbuck....

Chef Annette Starbuck

Welcome to my new Blogger account!  I am excited to be starting this account as I have overwhelming requests for my inside secrets, stories, experiences, recipes and so much more that I couldn't resist!  In this blog, I will be sharing a lot of my tricks in baking, some of my seasonal recipes (such as our famous Blueberry Pancake Cupcake we won with on Food Network's Cupcake Wars), stories from my point of view on TV Shows I do (such as my experiences on Cupcake Wars and CBS "The Talk"), events I do with amazing celebrities (such as Kaley Cuoco, Daniel Radcliffe, Brittany Snow, Ryan Ochoa, Adrienne Maloof, James Denton, Debi Mazar, Gretchen Bonaduce, Pete Wentz, and many more), and also experiences on owning a Cupcake store with no experience (and expanding to a 2nd location this year)!

On Air Live CBS "The Talk"
I am very delighted to be able to share all of this with many of you and I am more honored for you to be reading this and sharing this with your friends as well.  Community is very important and we all have to inspire each other to be the best we can!  I cannot tell you how much it means to me more than anything when I receive your sweet comments and letters in the mail.  They truly are the reason why I quit my amazing job I had as an accountant to become an Executive Pastry Chef and Owner of Goodie Girls Cupcakes.  After my 1st appearance on Cupcake Wars, I had so many emails and physical letters that flooded in from people of all ages with the most amazing words such as "You are who I want to grow up to be", "I loved you on Cupcake Wars and I hope one day to be just like you", and I even got requests to challenges to bake offs by kids at the age of 9 years old!  It was way too cute and I am grateful for all those letters!!

Amazing Goodie Girl Fans!
My purpose in deciding to open a Cupcake Store in this market, especially where I am located in the Los Angeles area, was be the inspiration and role model to those who believed in me.  So here I am .... Thank to all of YOU!

Now then.... lets get down to our next posts to come.... I will always be posting things of my own, but more importantly, I would like to post on items that interest you.  If you ever have any questions on a trick in baking, a recipe, do's and don'ts in the kitchen, questions on what you have baked that may have went wrong, frosting tips, small business questions, and truly anything else along the lines of my work please ASK!  I want this blog to serve as a purpose to entertain, inspire, and educate you!

I will also be making tutorial videos down the line.  How to frost with a round swirl tip, how to prepare swiss merengue, how to get that perfect fudge sauce to use in your fillings or toppings, and so much more!  Again, any video requests don't hesitate to ask!

So here's to the beginning of a wonderful journey with all of you... please subscribe and share my blog to anyone who loves to bake, entertain, owns or is thinking about owning a small business, or simply loves Cupcake Wars and loves to eat cupcakes!

My wonderful family and friends!
Lastly, but definitely the most important – I have to say a HUGE THANK YOU to my entire family and friends who have done more than support me in every way possible throughout this journey.  Whether its been physically working events, baking, building the store, modeling, advertising or any other amazing effort they have done for me…I could not have ever done any of this without you!  There are never enough words to say thank you enough…but you all know I love you dearly! 

Thank you...and nice to meet you all!  If you would like to check out more about my Cupcake Store, you can visit our website at, our Facebook page, and follow me on Twitter at @goodiegirlcooks



  1. You never cease to amaze me!!!
    What's next first woman president?
    You have my vote!
    We love your generous heart and delicious kitchen creations.
    I think your next adventure a restaurant/cupcake fusion!!
    keep up the good work we support you 100%

  2. AWE Thank you so much Marci!! You know I absolutely love and adore you and the girls!!!! Thank you all for supporting me from day 1! xoxo

  3. good luck with your new blog!

  4. I am so inspired by your story. I have been trying to get my cake business off the ground for over a year now but it is so hard out here in the Inland Empire and I am not sure how to go about it. I lost my job and now finances are tight so my dream of going forward are now dampered. Could you give me some advice on how to get it going???

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